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How to prepare for an IEP
Special Education
Suzanne Shaft

How to prepare for an IEP?

Can I trust the school blindly for the IEP? Suppose you have an IEP coming up soon.  Should you do anything to prepare?  You’ve got

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Autism Meltdowns
Autism and Sensory Issues

Everything you need to know about meltdowns

The diverse team of neurologists, behavior therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists at KidsLink Neurobehavioral Center provide simple explanations on everything related to behavior issues (also referred to as autistic meltdowns or tantrums) in children with autism.

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young child playing in sprinklers
Health and Wellness
Charu Ramanathan

Food and ADHD

It was not until I became the mother of a little boy that I started to discover the strong correlation between food and increased ADHD

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Parent under IEP meeting stress
Special Education
Suzanne Shaft

IEP Meeting and Prior Written Notice: Know Your Rights

Parents dread IEP meetings and often do not know how to prepare and advocate for the best interests of their children. Parent expert Suzanne shares a very important strategy and secret weapon in creating a paper trail the Prior Written Notice, provided by the school and protected by the IDEA law.

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