painting a facemask on young child

Helping your autistic child wear masks

As the Covid pandemic comes under control with the advent of new vaccines and immunity, it is clear that we will need to wear masks for a few more months!  For our children with sensory issues and autism, wearing masks can be a great challenge!  We asked our parents what worked for them and created this infographic and a resource list for you!

Get a tutorial from experts:

Make your own masks instructions:

Autism Sensory Friendly Face Mask

Kid Mask Template

For those children that are hearing impaired or rely on facial expressions and reading lips

How to Make an Accessible, Deaf-Friendly Face Mask

7 Clear Face Masks for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People, Interpreters and Teachers

Resources for new skill building – Social Story

Resources for creating happy associations:

Hear directly from autistic kids:

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