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Reframe your lifestyle, Regain your health

The Reframe Lifestyle is a health and nutrition program focused on prevention and a nutritional intervention, created by Shawna Bonaby and Kindra Davison of Reframe Wellness, New York. It begins with a new approach to nutrition and how to use it to enhance our body’s natural biology.

The health framework using Prevention, Nutrition, Biology and Lifestyle

At Reframe Wellness, we are preventative and functional nutrition consultants, and our purpose is to empower everyone to make the right nutrition choices to positively influence their health, from the inside out. Your body is smart. With body biology, personal awareness, and connections, we’ve created a framework that allows you to adapt your lifestyle choices as needed to support your continued health. We believe that sustainable long-term health should be accessible to everyone.

The ‘inside’ scoop on getting healthy

Most wellness programs put an emphasis on following surface-level rules like “eat healthier”, “exercise more”, “get your annual checkup”. These are easy steps to comply with, but research has shown that they don’t result in any prevention whatsoever. People suffering with chronic conditions are also often advised to “lose weight” as though that would be easy to do if it had just ever occurred to them before. We know nobody wants to be sick. This kind of halfhearted advice is useless and stigmatizing.

Be your own barometer of health – listen to your body

We change the paradigm by encouraging awareness of more personal health measures, such as energy levels, sleep improvements, or frequency of food cravings. The focus is not on working harder or trying to trick people into doing what we think they should do, but on changes in nutritional understanding and true a-ha moments that lead to lifelong behavioral adjustments that improve long-term health outcomes.

We don’t want to just tell you what you should do. We want to help change the way you think about your health and any symptoms you may have. The health state that we each experience is not random. We are not just unlucky enough to have deteriorating health or chronic symptoms. All symptoms are a logical series of events within your body. In fact, your symptoms are actually the last step in this logical series of events.

Climb the ladder of health one step at a time

We have created a simple visual tool that we call The Ladder of Chronic Health Symptoms to show exactly how this process works. When we understand what the steps are that lead to the symptoms we experience, then we can stop the progression before it happens. Instead of being reactive, we can be proactive.

Reframe on Vitalxchange

We have two exciting offerings on Vitalxchange !

  1. Weekly Dinner Menu Planning & Recipes: Customized to your family’s preferences and nutrition requirements. Tell us what your needs are, and we’ll send you weekly menu plans, grocery lists, and easy to follow recipes that fit your lifestyle! You can choose from anti-inflammatory, vegan, gluten-free, gluten-free & dairy-free, or specify your family’s unique considerations!
  2. Mini nutrition consultations. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can chat with us about what ever is on your mind. Ask us anything!

⭐️ Join the Reframe Community on Vitalxchange

Sign up for our free Reframe Wellness group on Vitalxchange to learn more about our approach and join the conversation. We post recipes, informational articles, nutrition tips and swaps, and answer quick question posts. We specialize in diabetes prevention and management, stress management, weight management, systemic inflammation issues, and of course practical applications like time management and healthy cooking hacks. Join the conversation!

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