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Each day teaches us something new that helps us grow

Live2Learn is a space where we work together to go back to the basics and learn to rely on our mind and body, our senses of intuition and human connection and ability to learn and adapt. As humans living in modern societies, we have complicated lives and complex illnesses of the mind and body.

We seem to have lost ourselves, and given control to society and the healthcare system to tell us how to live. We have it within us. By being in touch with our inner selves and working together, we learn to thrive.

I am a biomedical scientist by background and health is my passion. I like bringing together elements of nutrition, human biology, physiology and spirituality together into simple day to day routines for better health, calm and focus.


A free group for the Live2Learn Philosphy

Join the Live2Learn intermittent fasting group!

We share strategies that work, positive experiences and motivate each other to eat better for healthier, happier lives lives. Find the best time to eat and ‘not eat’ based on listening to your body and what works for your life’s routines and challenges.


I am a VitalGuide on Vitalxchange.  Join my group or set up a chat through my storefront.

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