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Let us help you take your wellness to the next level

You will never be alone. You will have a whole community of like-minded people, not only rooting for you but also right there with you taking the same journey. We’re ready to give you a friendly nudge as we work together on common health goals!

No question is too small or too silly to get answers from matched community members or health experts. Ask, learn, take charge!

Your trusted UpShot Health coaches will be right there beside you sharing interesting and useful content, important tips and answers to your questions.

Upshot Nutrition Community

We discuss health-related issues and discuss diet and lifestyle modifications that will help you reach your goals. We give you the tools and information to help you feel your best.

Lakewood Upshot Health Community

To make The City of Lakewood one of the healthiest places to work in Ohio, we will create a connected workplace influenced by determinants of physical, social, mental, spiritual, intellectual and financial health. Where all members of the community will work in collaboration to support the community’s full potential for health and wellness and build resiliency by connecting with each other and to resources.

-Accessibility-provide the ability to reach, use and/or understand health and wellness resources
-Inclusion-promote and sustain the recognition of all people in the need for varying health and wellness services
-Economic-expand the accessibility of resources to create security, satisfaction, and personal fulfillment
-Culture of Wellness-foster a workplace that encourages and promotes the well-being of all its employees.
-Education-nurture a sense of critical thinking, curiosity and knowledge transfer to intrinsically motivate good health and well being within the community


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Find us on the Vitalxchange App