Join the Silent Awareness Challenge

A challenge created by a mother who has a son with autism to raise awareness and empathy for those who struggle to communicate, like her boy.

Are you willing to join the challenge?



Our son’s biggest challenge is communication, and we can imagine how frustrating this must be for him. So in an effort to walk in his shoes, we would like you to join us in what I call the “Silent awareness challenge.”

Pick a specific amount of time you commit not to communicate – no speaking, no texting, no signing…..

Share your experience.  Challenge others. 

Increase awareness, understanding and empathy.

So many of us face communication barriers, not just those with Autism, so I imagine you may be able to relate to this and join this challenge.

Thank you!


Count me in!

Pick an amount of time you commit not to speak, text, or sign.

Share your experience and invite others to create awareness and acceptance of those with communication barriers.

Look who's in!

AnonymousCleveland, OH
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Committing to 4 hours of silence!
Ketal PatelNorth Royalton, OH
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Going to 2 hours in the name of the challenge.
Charu RamanathanSolon, OH
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I'm starting with 4 hours.
AnonymousAvon, NC
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I will do 2 hours!
AnonymousAtlanta, GA
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2 hours
AnonymousJacksonville, FL
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3 hours
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30minutes of verbal, visual and digital silence
Amy JCleveland, OH
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2 Hours of silence
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4 hours
Michele GuptaKent, Ohio
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30 Minutes
JenniferKent, OH
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2 hours

About Kim...

Kim is a mother of twins and a Social Worker for the past 22 years. Kim’s son was diagnosed with autism at 20 months. She and her husband spent many years trying to understand and learn as much as they could to help her son and keep their family strong.  

Kim is very generous about contributing her experiences to help other parents like her care for their children.  She is a VitalGuide and a parent expert on Vitalxchange.  Learn more about Kim and how to connect with her on Vitalxchange!