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To partner with people who have developmental disabilities and other complex conditions, resulting in the highest possible quality of life.

Founded in 1974, Koinonia provides residential, adult day, and career services to more than 600 people, with a staff of over 580 professionals. Our service portfolio includes 22 licensed group homes, more than 60 supported and shared living arrangements, transportation services, and shared living options. We serve adults and transitional youth. One of the residential services we offer is Shared Living.

Ohio Shared Living (OSL) is a residential service option that allows individuals to receive continuous care and support while living in a family home setting. The Goals of OSL are to enhance community integration for the person served and reduced turnover in the person’s life, subsequently enhancing service continuity and relationships.

Once known as “Adult Foster Care,” OSL is a flexible and completely personalized residential service option available through Individual Options Waiver.

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Koinonia helps people become Shared Living Providers, we also help people with IDD become matched with Shared Living Providers. If you have room in your heart and home, you might qualify to become a Koinonia Shared Living Provider. Visit our website to learn more.


Autism Spectrum Disorder, Spina Bifida, Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Behavioral Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome


behavioral therapy, employment & training, special needs advocacy, care services

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From: Mother of Person Served, Employee I loved working at Koinonia… I loved it so much my son lives in one of their homes!!! Parent or Legal Guardian



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