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Give your special needs child ever chance they deserve with Vitalxchange

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Our private, free special needs communities


Join a community of caregivers and parents of children and adults with autism. Discuss parenting wins and challenges on social, learning, behavioral issues, and more.

Special Needs

For parents and caregivers of children and adults with any type of special needs or disability.  Down's syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual disability, Spina Bifida and more...


To discuss matters related to a learning disability - dyslexia, ADD, ADHD. Discuss strategies to work with schools, IEP, 504 plans and more...

Speech and

A focused group dedicated to discussing ways to help our kids communicate. Discuss strategies with experienced parents as well as approaches to speech therapy.


This group is dedicated to discussing sensory issues - from handling meltdowns to finding a great occupational therapist, we discuss it all here!

Healthy Mind
& Body

This is a space dedicated to your enriching your health as a parent and caregiver. As you care for your children, you have this community to care for you!

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It takes a village to raise a child, meet your village






Special Needs


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Special Needs


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Find personalized special needs support

Our experts include highly experienced special needs professionals with cross-functional expertise.  Many of them are parents, siblings or caregivers themselves.   They have joined Vitalxchange because they want to be available to provide their guidance and expertise to help your child, when and where you need them.

One app, many uses

Vitalxchange App Connects You to Special Needs Professionals

Wondering if your child has developmental delays?

Searching for a special needs professional to help your child?

Seeking a second opinion for a developmental delay?

Confused about special education - IDEA, IEP, or 504 plan?

Looking for special needs resources to prevent the summer slide?

Want to learn how to advocate for your special needs adult - transition, employment, guardianship, or housing?

Looking for a special needs parent mentor to guide you?

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What our members are saying

Why we created Vitalxchange and why you should join us

Our story began, when we, like most people, were constantly searching the internet all the time to understand a symptom, to find a doctor, to help a child with learning issue, to confirm a diagnosis or know when to seek a second opinion.

Especially while finding answers to questions for  special needs, learning issues, autism or any type of neurodiversity,  it was very challenging.   While it was great to have school-based resources, we felt that we were completely at the mercy of decisions and resources offered by the schools.  We felt that we were not involved in decision making and did not understand the choices we had.

We were quite frustrated.

We talked to hundreds of other parents and we found that many families faced this highly fragmented landscape between special education resources from public schools and clinical resources from the healthcare system. Parents are typically coordinating 5+ therapy providers per child.  Funding constraints and limited resources at schools are leaving many kids with inadequate support, impeding their progress.

While affluent families may choose private schools and pay premium $ for provider access, most families can only afford services through their local public schools and government disability support.   We found that many of us are frustrated with lack of support and solutions and have to resort to googling, social media and support organizations or helplessly watch our children struggle.

We decided to do something about this.  We decided to create Vitalxchange to bring together a safe, private community where we could bring together parents, therapists, clinicians, coaches and educators so that we could all work together to give our children every chance they deserve.

Every family and expert that joins us makes us stronger.  Together we will transform and make the word a better place for our children.
Vitalxchange is a mobile app where parents and caregivers of children with special needs, neurodiversity, and disability are able to find resources and support one another.

Our goal is to ensure that every family has access to the therapy, support and care resources they need to help their children from baby to adulthood without feeling isolated or overwhelmed.

The experts on our platform are carefully selected for their excellence and compassion in helping families find the best solutions for their children. They are especially passionate about not accepting status quo and being available to you virtually when and where you need them.

Our private community app is available for both iOS and Android platforms
We are very transparent about how we make money.
The app is always free.
You choose the experts you want to chat with you or buy other services
When you pay for the services, we take a small part of the fee to facilitate
the transaction.
Our experts are carefully interviewed and selected. They pay us a fee to remain listed on the platform and offer their services on the platform. You get to rate our experts and only experts that maintain high ratings can stay
on the platform.
Vitalxchange helps you get access to all the information you need to understand and make decisions about your child’s health and development.  It provides you access to qualified expertise and resources to make your own choices, without being constrained by those offered by your local school system, geography or insurance.

The health and well-being of our families is one of the biggest assets in life.   We want you to be empowered and have a strong informed voice at every table where decisions are made about our children.   We want to provide you with information and resources to give your children every chance they deserve, through every phase of life – from birth to adulthood.

Lastly, if you have experiences that could be the guiding book for others, this is the place for you to help thousands of others on similar journeys.

Ready to be surrounded by expertise and a community that cares?

Point your mobile phone camera at the QR code to download the app.

Available on both Apple and Android devices.