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At VitalxchangeTM, we do the legwork of finding experienced and passionate special needs experts. 

You can count on having access to the best support.

When my son got his autism diagnosis, I felt helpless. There was so much to learn and understand. It was hard to sort out all the various opinions out there...to ABA or not to ABA. Having a VitalGuideTM helps you think through the right choices for your family, learning how to work with your kid at home and making sure the 'system' is working on your side.


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Do you suspect something is going on with your child? Your intuition is telling you that there’s something wrong, but you’ve been told not to worry about it. Talk to one of our experienced VitalGuide parent mentors to figure out what is going on. You can relax if it is nothing to worry about. And if there is a concern, you will get guidance on the actions you need to take without further delay.
Get help with growth milestones or developmental delays. Early intervention experts help you work with your baby at home including baby yoga and massage!
Special education needs from IEPs to 504 plans, speech therapy, behavior therapy, OT, or PT. Stay engaged as a parent and ensure your child gets the resources they need.
Learn how to plan for employment, housing, financial support, and independent living skills. Parents and professionals help you navigate transition.
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Why do you need a VitalGuide?

When you are raising a child with a disability or special needs, it can be overwhelming and time consuming. General advice and strong opinions from online support groups are difficult to process to make the right decisions for your child and family. How to validate your parental intuition? Is the special ed team working in the best interests of your child? How to advocate for your child? How to help them at home? The questions are endless.

We wanted to create an ‘ecosystem’ where parents like you would be quickly matched to highly experienced mentors and experts to save you time by guiding you every step of the way.

Vitalxchange trains and employs highly experienced parents and creates new income opportunities for these families by sharing their wisdom with you. 85% of the money you spend on our platform directly goes as income for these wonderful humans.