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If you are tired of searching online for health info for hours and wish you could just speak to someone who knows the answer, you are in the right place!

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The Vitalxchange app and community has many experts and parent mentors (VitalGuides) who are available to answer any question you have on your child or taking care of yourself.
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Available on both Apple and Android devices.

Easy ways to find support

Connect and engage with all our experts, one on one or in a group setting through virtual storefronts.

Ask the Expert Intros

Ask your important questions and get to know the experts through their responses

Virtual Groups

Join communities led by experts to keep up to date and discuss various health topics

1:1 Conversations

Engage in 1:1 virtual conversations with experts to discuss specific solutions to your needs

Who are our experts?

Clinical professionals for various aspects of child development

Occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, behavioral therapy, psychology, nutrition specialists, special education, counseling, and more...

Experts in Practical aspects of parenting special

Advocacy, disability law, employment rights, disability benefits medicaid and social security and much more...

Specialists in various pediatric conditions

Learning disability, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other intellectual and developmental issues.

Wellness Coaches and professionals

Resources for the overall physical and mental health of our families including nutritionists, functional medicine, integrative medicine, and wellness coaches.

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What our members are saying

Why we created Vitalxchange and why you should join us

Our story began, when we, like most people, were constantly searching for health information all the time to understand a symptom, to find a doctor, to help a child with learning issue, to confirm a diagnosis or know when to seek a second opinion.
We googled and sorted through hundreds of search results, felt overwhelmed and most of the time did not know how to process and what to do next. Medical sources like WebMD were only useful only if you knew the exact terms to look for. The formal language was difficult to process and often we falsely self-diagnosed, resulting in even more anxiety! When we tried joining health groups like those on Facebook, we got quite concerned about the accuracy of highly opinionated information and exposing all our private health information to be exploited by Facebook. We were also afraid of being judged or trolled by other members of the group, which we could see was quite common.
We were quite frustrated and knew that most others felt the same way.
So, we created Vitalxchange.
Vitalxchange is a private health community app where people are able to connect and talk directly with health experts. Using special matching technology we make it easy for you to find and connect with the right
Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to the information they need to make good health choices without feeling isolated or overwhelmed.
We are currently focused on supporting families caring for children with
special needs or developmental challenges.
We are very transparent about how we make money.
The app is always free.
You choose the experts you want to chat with you or buy other services
When you pay for the services, we take a small part of the fee to facilitate
the transaction.
Our experts are carefully interviewed and selected. They pay us a fee to remain listed on the platform and offer their services on the platform. You get to rate our experts and only experts that maintain high ratings can stay
on the platform.
Vitalxchange helps you get access to all the information you need to understand and make decisions about your child’s health and development.
It provides you access to qualified expertise and resources to make your own provider choices.
The health and well-being of ourselves and our families is one of the biggest assets in life. We want to you be empowered and have a strong informed voice at every table where decisions are made about your children or your
health are made.
Lastly, if you have experience that could be the guiding book for others, this is the place for you to help thousands of others on similar journeys.

Ready to be surrounded by expertise and a community that cares?

Available on both Apple and Android devices.