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At Vitalxchange, we do the legwork of finding experienced, passionate VitalGuides to help you navigate the world of special needs parenting.

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When my son got his autism diagnosis, I felt helpless. There was so much to learn and understand. It was hard to sort out all the various opinions out ABA or not to ABA. Having a VitalGuideTM helps you think through the right choices for your family, learning how to work with your kid at home and making sure the 'system' is working on your side.


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What if you had the day to day support of a friend who had walked in your shoes before, raised a child with a disability and knew how to help you?

An extraordinary and experienced friend who can guide you get timely diagnosis, coach you to support your child at home, find you the right resources, get more out of your child’s providers and finally be there for you when you need a hug or kind word? If this is what you are looking for your quest ends here.

Not sure how to support your child’s growth and development at home? Learn simple play activities and easy-to-use strategies from early intervention experts to incorporate into your everyday routine, including baby yoga and massage!
Overwhelmed by the lingo and paperwork when it comes to your child’s special education services? From IEPs to 504 plans to therapies and beyond – VitalGuides help you stay engaged ensuring that your child gets the support they need.
Planning for employment, finding housing and financial support, and supporting independent living skills can be confusing steps when your child reaches adulthood. Find VitalGuides who can help you navigate this complex transition.
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Why do you need a VitalGuide?

Raising a child with special needs can be overwhelming. General online information and strong opinions from support groups, friends, and family members can make things even more confusing and frustrating.

You want to make the right decisions for your child and feel reassured as a parent. You want to learn how to advocate for your child and how to help them reach their full potential.

Finally there’s a solution – your personal VitalGuide.

Vitalxchange trains and employs highly experienced parents and creates new income opportunities for these families by sharing their wisdom with you. The money you spend on our platform goes as income for these wonderful humans.