A special needs world created with the child in mind

Our Story

We have created a world where parents and providers caring for special needs children can partner to help children thrive.

As parents, we had struggled to make informed and timely decisions for our children. Although the schools and clinics were well-intentioned, we felt that we had no voice at the table where important decisions regarding our children were being made.

Guided by these personal experiences and our healthcare backgrounds, we designed a caring ecosystem by bringing together passionate special needs professionals and parents, united by technology.

We believe with all our hearts that:

Every child deserves every opportunity to live their best lives

Every parent needs access to affordable quality resources and world-class care no matter where they live.

When parents and providers partner, wonderful things happen for the child.

Every family and passionate professional that joins us makes us stronger. Together we will transform and make the world a better place for our children.

-Dr. Charu Ramanathan, Ketal Patel,
founders of Vitalxchange

The Vitalxchange Team

headshot of charu ramanathan

Charu Ramanathan

PhD Co-Founder & CEO

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Ketal Patel

Co-Founder & CTO

Our Advisors

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Adam Kaufman


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Claire Heffron


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Ethan Cohen


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Mark Richey


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Frances Post


Jake Coniglio


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Lauren Drobnjak


Sara Naab


Sree Menon


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