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We created Vitalxchange because we believe access to health expertise is not a privilege, it’s a right – everyone deserves to be enabled to live their best lives.

With our platform you can now make informed decisions and take charge of the most important asset in our lives – our health.

Available on both Apple and Android devices.

Over the last few years, we found ourselves constantly looking for health information. It became a daily effort as our families encountered diabetes, learning disabilities, cancer, and on and on….

Reaching out to healthcare providers for guidance each and every time was not practical, because it could only be done with an appointment (which would be days later) and fill out bulky paperwork (again and again). So, like most people, we reached for the internet.  We spent countless hours googling for answers. We often struggled to process the information to decide what to do next. 

But there were breakthrough moments and they almost always came from being connected to people with similar health experiences who in turn connected us with relevant care providers and other resources.

We decided to create a place where everyone had access to these breakthrough moments. We called this space Vitalxchange – a place where the exchange of vital health information enables each and everyone to make informed decisions and take charge of the most important asset in our lives – our health.

Our Founders

headshot of charu ramanathan

Charu Ramanathan

PhD Co-Founder & CEO

ketal patel headshot

Ketal Patel

Co-Founder & CTO

Our Team

austin saunders headshot

Austin Saunders

Growth Analyst

jeffrey adair headhsot

Jeffrey Adair

Software Lead

jiji gardi headshot

Jiji Gardi

Software Engineer

hiep phan headshot

Hiep Phan

Software Engineer

Our Advisors

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Adam Kaufman


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Mike Mitchell


mark richey headshot

Mark Richey


michelle depolo headshot

Michelle DePolo


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Ethan Cohen


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Claire Heffron


lauren drobnjak headshot

Lauren Drobnjak


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Frances Post


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