Share your care from anywhere​

Become an online early childhood development coach. Help parents raising children using your experience and expertise to help guide them using a holistic digital health platform.​

Vitalxchange uniquely combines evidence-based parenting content, pediatric expert coaching, and behavioral psychology to help parents with their child’s development and overall mental and physical well-being through the first 5 years of life.​

You are in good company​

Online Early Childhood Development

Becoming a parent was one of the most exciting and scary events in our lives. From the time we brought our little bundles of joy home to the time they left the nest, we did the best we could.
However, parenting in the modern world is challenging, complex, and overwhelming. Balancing work and life is an ongoing struggle for most families. There is no parenting manual, and a little guidance and support go a long way to confidently parent and raise our children.
We created Vitalxchange to be a parenting ecosystem and community that fosters the ‘vital exchange’ of information and guidance to help parents online with early childhood development professionals like yourselves to help all children thrive.

What is Vitalxchange?​

We know parents have tons of questions. But they can’t always find the answers. So, they Google, they get frustrated. What they really need is the insight of a skilled professional like you.

What if you could package your knowledge and insights and help these parents?

That’s exactly what the Vitalxchange platform lets you do.

Vitalxchange offers a fully integrated platform that lets you set up your online early childhood development coaching practice with no fancy tech skills needed: you get a mobile app, website, and social sharing tools in one convenient location!

Everything you need to setup online​

Set up 1:1 consults

Run private groups

Schedule appointments
Get paid
Market yourself

Creative ideas to help parents and earn money​

Provide supplementary online early childhood development support to help children with summer slide

Create programs to help families catch up on lockdown learning loss

Start with a summer side hustle to kickstart your own virtual early childhood development coaching practice! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on one of the “Get Started” buttons, fill out some basic information and pick a time to go over the product and discuss your goals to see if this is mutually a right fit for both of us.

Once you have scheduled the demo and you have decided to sign up with us, you can get setup in a few minutes.  We also offer a free planning session to get you set up expeditiously.  We are here to support you to move as fast as you want.

We have a detailed vetting process where we only invite professionals from known pediatric health disciplines.

Every expert applying to join the Vitalxchange network has to fill out a detailed intake form that collects their background and why they want to join us.

Based on this information, our team verifies their identity and state license validity.

Each expert also undergoes a virtual interview with the founders.

Once they join the network, we have identity verification through Stripe as part of our standard onboarding process

We have a great trial offer going on now that discounts provides a 80% discount to your monthly subscription over a year at $9.99 per month per storefront.  This includes all the features listed with unlimited members and data.  We also charge a commission of 15% of the value of each transaction, so when you make money, we make money. 

If you think you are a thought leader and want to be an integral part of our mission, inquire about our thought leader program and incentives when we speak!
We have integrated payment processing. At the end of every month, we will deposit your monthly earnings into your bank account.

The Vitalxchange platform enables professionals like you with the tools to setup your online business.  Consider it as a new way to share your expertise and earn money as a replacement or complementary to your in office clinical practice.

Our platform enables your potential customers to have easy access to your storefront and offers and are one click away from signing on for your services that could be very helpful to them.

We are not currently calling ourselves as a telehealth platform.  You can share your licensing details and other intake forms securely to the customer to conduct the consultations.

This type of information exchange helps the patient learn more about you, build trust and could potentially lead to them signing up for a formal clinical appointment.

Vitalxchange is designed as a one-stop-shop for you to setup your online virtual coaching business.  We work together to market your storefront in three ways:
  • We provide tools and hands on training to help you market your storefront in your networks via link sharing.  As your existing network of families and customers know and trust you, this is the ‘low hanging fruit’ to start your business. We make it easy for you to share links to your storefront and any of your offers in your social media, via email or text.  
  • We also do campaigns to help market your services within the app.  We create announcements, ad campaigns, and share your blogs within our social media and websites. 
  • Complementary to your storefront on the app, you also get an automatically generated website that showcases your business.  This helps customers discover your storefront through SEO (aka Google Search).