A family wellness solution for working parents

The Vitalxchange family wellness solution provides employee benefits that allows parents to confidently raise their children through evidence-based guidance from child development experts.

Family Wellness for Struggling Parents

A quiet struggle

1 in 3 children have developmental or mental health issues

40% of children are not ready for kindergarten

77% of parents feel helpless and overwhelmed balancing the pressures of parenting and life

The Vitalxchange Family Wellness Solution

Vitalxchange is a hybrid (digital & human) health platform that uniquely combines evidence-based parenting content, pediatric expert coaching and behavioral psychology to help parents with their child’s development and overall mental and physical well-being through the first 5 years of life.

Employee Benefit to Improve Employee Productivity

Impact on employee productivity

80% of working parents report negative effect on productivity due to the stresses of parenting

1 in 3 working parents leave the workforce if unable to manage the stresses of parenting

1 in 2 women have been forced to ramp down their careers in favor of caregiving due to the pandemic

Flexible Pricing for Employee Benefits

PEPM: Flat PEPM rate for all employees in the organization

PEPM + Case Rate: Low PEPM or Annual Platform Fee plus Case Rate based on engagement

Family Wellness Employee Benefits: Vitalxchange is an all-inclusive platform that is configured specially to be an EAP like employee benefits

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What is Included

Comprehensive Wellness Platform

The most important job a parent has is raising their child. No one teaches you how to be a parent and there is no job description. Every child is different and so is every family.

t's like living with a perpetual feeling that everything is held together with duct tape. You never know when the school is gonna call or the next meltdown or seizure is going to happen. Knowing that I can talk to a VitalGuide is like having a safety net. I know she is there to catch me if I fall and get me to stand up again.

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