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Say good bye to parenting stress over the holidays!

Free access to Vitalxchange for a whole month! 

Get a dedicated parent mentor, personalized parenting plans and unlimited video sessions with child development experts of your choice!

$70 value.

Offer expires Jan 15, 2024

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Feature Access to Parent Communities
Expert Plus ✅ Unlimited
Feature Access to parenting classes
Expert Plus ✅ Unlimited
Feature Parent & Play Activities
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Feature Explore & Learn Activities
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Feature Assessments & Trackers
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Feature Family Profile Sharing
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Feature Personalized Parenting Plan
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Feature Dedicated Peer VitalGuide
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Feature Video Calls with VitalExperts
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Expert Plus
Community Member

Community Member

As a new grandma, I am learning many new things about milestones and such that I had no idea about when I was raising my five kids back in the day! This app helps me educate myself so that I can my daughter.

-S.J., Texas

Personalized Member

Personalized Member

Jen, my Vitalguide, literally helps me keep my head above water and resolves my even my small worries. When I come home from work, I fire up the app, do a recommended activity, and feel great that I spent quality time with my baby!

– Babymomma, Colorado


Expert Plus Member

Expert Plus Member

When dealing with a life-altering diagnosis like Autism, things can get pretty lonely. The folks on the app are kind and caring. And I can always find good advice for whatever I need help with. It makes it much easier to navigate the challenges of caring for a child with special needs.

– VeryTiredMom03, Ohio


What is a VitalGuide?

A VitalGuide is a trained and experienced parent guide with a background in child development. A VitalGuide is a peer, a companion, a coach, and an expert rolled into one compassionate human being at your service! They check in with your family often and are available to answer your questions and identify the right resources at the right time, anytime, through in-app messaging.

Why do I need a VitalGuide?

A VitalGuide is an experienced parent who has been in your shoes.  They are uniquely experienced and trained to help you find answers to your parenting questions.  Instead of spending hours searching the internet for general information, your VitalGuide knows you and can tailor a set of recommendations specifically for your situation.

What are Expert Sessions?

Our expert sessions are 1:1 video calls with an early childhood development expert to help you take the next steps to solve a particular problem or issue identified with your child.  Whether it be getting your child to sleep regularly, or dealing with picky eating…or maybe your child is biting others at preschool, or even issues around playing well with others or separation anxiety, our VitalExperts are here to empower you to take the next step to resolve these issues.  After speaking with you, they will outline a personalized plan of action for you.

What types of experts do you have?

Our experts are early childhood development experts who are licensed or certified in Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Pediatric Sleep Issues, Nutrition, Lactation, and much more.  They can help you with guidance on various parenting or child health topics, including speech and communication skills, motor skills (e.g., running, jumping, handwriting), social-emotional development, behaviors, potty training, picky eating, executive skills, tantrums, and sleep.

Go to the Meet Our Amazing Team page to learn more about the experts on Vitalxchange.

How much do expert sessions cost?

Most of our expert sessions are $50 for 30 minutes.  You will also be able to text message your expert for a period of time before and after your appointment.  Our expert sessions are included at no extra charge with a premium plan.

Where can I find a list of your expert sessions?

You can go to our VitalExpert Marketplace to search or browse our expert session collections.

What are assessments?

Our assessments are simple and intuitive self-assessments that span multiple domains (including social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, motor, nutrition, and sleep), ensuring that you are on top of your child’s progress and areas where they need help. We also track your well-being to identify and refer you to support for post-partum depression or anxiety disorders. The assessments also help our algorithms and VitalGuides accurately personalize your plan and guidance. All this is saved in a family profile and available for review and sharing with your child’s providers ((childcare teacher, pediatrician, or other care provider).

What are Parent & Play Activities?

Parent and Play activities are simple activities you can do with your child in 15 minutes that are designed to promote parent-child bonding and stimulate whole-child development across social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and physical skills.

What are Explore & Learn Articles?

Explore and Learn articles are short reads that inform parents on child development topics and provide practical strategies to make parenting smooth and stress-free.

What if i have other questions or requests for new features/services?

You can email us at or visit our Support Page to send us a message.  We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes!  You can download the Vitalxchange App at the App Store or Play Store anytime.  You can use our Web App on your laptop or mobile browser anytime as well.