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IEP meetings are a critical part of your child’s special education program.  Get help from educators and therapists who have sat on the other side of the table and parents who have successfully navigated their children through their special education journey.

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Getting Help for Your IEP

Expert help for every stage of your special education journey

Introduction to special education and the IEP process

Introduction to special education and IEPs

Staying Engaged in the IEP Process

Experts help you engage with the IEP process

Transition to Adulthood

Including transition in your IEP

What parents are saying...

...I truly appreciate all the feedback and the support I received from my VitalGuide before my IEP meeting! I feel more confident that the meeting next week is going to go well...

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✏️ Learning about special education services and how the IEP process works.

✏️ Understanding your IEP objectives and getting on the same page with your special education team.

✏️ Preparing for a key meeting like your IEP triennial review or getting an assessment

✏️ Working with the special ed team to prepare your child for transition out of school

Meet some of your VitalGuides

Meet some of your VitalGuides