Become a Parent Mentor VitalGuide

“If my experiences can be the guidebook for another family in similar situation, it would make it all worthwhile”

Why are Parent Mentor VitalGuides essential to the Vitalxchange community?

Experienced parents provide guidance on how to handle challenges and other day-to-day aspects of life based on their own experiences. They are relentless and resourceful in finding solutions that work. And most importantly, they are selfless and make it their life’s mission to help others.

VitalGuides are a critical part of Vitalxchange. Not only do they provide our community guidance to navigate through life’s health challenges, they support us every step of the way, so we will never feel alone again.

Why should you become a Parent Mentor?

Convert goodwill into fair profit.

We know that you are used to helping people unconditionally. But we also know that you have made many sacrifices in your journey. In return for your selfless commitment to help others in our community, we have created opportunities for you to make a fair fee for your services.

Create and nurture your community.

You can create private groups to share your support and guidance. Your members can engage with you 1:1 via virtual coffee chats or signup for other guidance services you want to offer. You can help people remotely and collect payment all in one platform.

Help people all over the world

Be part of the movement to increase global healthcare access. Your virtual services on Vitalxchange will reach millions all over the world in due time, especially those emerging parts of the world, where resources are still limited.

Hear from our Parent Mentors

Jennifer Rainey

Jennifer is a parent expert who offers support through her Storefront on Vitalxchange called Autism’tude. She shares her perspectives on the importance of having not only great professionals but also other parents that have 24/7 lived experiences raising autistic children. When it comes to researching the best options for her two sons, she is relentless and comprehensive. She offers her experienced perspectives on homeschooling, autism and apraxia and alternative approaches.

Suzanne Shaft

Suzanne is a parent expert who offers her services through her Storefront on Vitalxchange called Plan A2Z. Suzanne acknowledges that there is no ‘playbook’ for raising kids with autism and there is so much for parents to learn and apply from IEP to guardian ship. She is passionate about sharing her playbook raising two wonderful boys on the autism spectrum with other parents. “Call me!” she says with great passion!

Parent Mentor FAQs

Fill out the form on this page and one of our team members will reach out to you directly to screen you and help get your account set up.
We know from experience that social networks like facebook are not best places to have private conversations about one’s health or a child’s disability. We also know that the algorithms that promote facebook’s self-interest are at odds with what many health influencers want to achieve.That is why we created the Vitalxchange community and the VitalGuide program to make it tailored for health needs. At Vitalxchange we connect you to people looking for your guidance and provide you the tools to make fair profit right from the start, because we want you to focus on what you do best – helping other people.
We try to respond to requests within 24 hours of receiving requests. We will reach out to you if we have questions or for further information about your background. Once you are approved, we will set up your account within the following 72 hours and you ready to roll!
If you are selected into the VitalGuide program, you will get the platform access free of charge. This includes free access your virtual storefront, ability to have coffee chats, create unlimited offerings and manage your account. We charge a small commission of 15% of the value of each transaction, so when you make money, we make money.
Vitalxchange is designed as a one stop shop for experts like you to deliver their expertise remotely. We provide tools, incentives as well as seller training to help you spread your wisdom on Vitalxchange. Your success depends on your time commitment to respond to virtual coffee chat requests and how much of your services you are willing to offer remotely through Vitalxchange. Think about Vitalxchange as your virtual store that is open and flexible and works around your schedule!
We have integrated payment processing. At the end of every month, we will deposit your monthly earnings into your bank account.
We will automatically match you (using our technology) to questions we think you can answer the best. Users also have the opportunity to find you on the platform and reach out directly to you. Depending on how you active you are on the platform, you can leverage your presence to greatly increase your question volume.
We expect that for optimal engagement and revenues, you will spend at least an hour a day answering questions through virtual coffees and posting to your group(s).

Become a Parent Mentor!