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personalized picky eater plan

A personalized plan

Our experts will guide you identifying the causes of picky eating like sensory, oral motor, behavioral, or gut issues develop personalized strategies that work

reduce mealtime stress

Reduce mealtime stress

Our experts understand your family situation to ensure that recommended mealtime routines and menus reduce workload and stress on you. 

Hear from parents who figured out stress-free mealtimes!

Hear from parents about picky eater success stories

The school just kept sending me notes complaining that my son refuses to ‘cooperate at mealtimes’. Decided to give Vitalxchange a try….signed up for three separate sessions to understand my son’s sensitivities and also learn new sensory friendly recipes. He is eating much better …and no notes for a few weeks now!

– P.T. in Ohio

Picky eating success stories

Mealtime was a messy battle, every time. I started out with one consultation sesson and it turns out my son had certain sensory sensitivities and gut reactions I was not aware of. This was eye-opening. Now I am able to ensure he is getting proper nutrition and know when to back off vs. losing my mind forcing him to eat!

-A.J. in Arizona

picky eater quiz

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  • Picky eating is very common among little growing children – over 50% of children under six are picky eaters!!! 🤢 🥦🍓😋
  • Mealtime can be stressful and may be caused by many underlying reasons, including behavioral, sensory, or social concerns.
  • In this quiz, you’ll answer some questions and we’ll have some recommendations for you based on your situation

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1:1 sessions to discuss your situation and receive personalized recommendations.


A 30 minute session with an expert typically costs $50. This includes any preparation and follow-up.

The sessions unfortunately are not covered by health insurance. 

Our Picky Eater Quiz asks you 27 questions that will help narrow down where your child’s issues may be.  At the end of the quiz you will see the results and get some recommendations for next steps.  You can then decide if you want one of our experts to discuss possible solutions with you.

No worries! It happens sometimes. Please fill out this survey and let us know what you did not like about it and we will give you a coupon to try a more apt session for free.

We know first hand how important it is for parents to get feeding right

“I had no idea that my kids had specific sensory issues like aversion to certain textures (like peas) or tummy discomfort due to certain foods. Knowing this information helped me pick my battles and focus on practical eating rather than perfect eating. Also, learning the correlation between sugary colored foods to attention deficit and focus has been immensely useful for managing behaviors” – Charu

“I tried to do my own research into solutions for my picky eater. So many top 10 lists, general solutions, and research studies. I don’t have time to do all that research and needed a solution specific to my son. I received some tips and tricks to expose him to new foods and its made all the difference!” – Ketal

We have met so many parents who struggle with picky or problem eaters and have not been able to find experts that can help them. Having the right approach to nutrition is so foundational to our children’s health – the earlier we address nutrition issues, the better it is for our children’s future health.

That is why we founded a network like Vitalxchange – so that parents are enabled to discover solutions for themselves and help their children lead healthy lives.

Charu Ramanathan, CEO and Co-Founder of Vitalxchange

Picky Eater Articles from Our Experts

Quick informative reads written especially for parents

Meet some of our experts

Megan Barnes Lactation and Pediatric Nutrition Specialist

Megan Barnes

RD and Lactation Specialist

RD, LDN, CLS, IBCLC, Breastfeeding and Pediatric Nutrition

Kiera Rohan Occupational Therapist

Kiera Rohan

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

MOT, OTR/L, Ayres Sensory Integration Trained, Handwriting Specialist

Amanda Gagnon Speech and Language Pathologist

Amanda Gagnon

Speech and Language Pathologist

MA Communication Sciences & Disorders, ASHA Certified, PROMPT, Youth Mental Health

Patty Cordova Behavior Therapist

Patty Cordova

Pediatric Behavior Therapist

M.A., BCaBA, Early Childhood Development , Early Childhood Education , Parent Education

Suzanne Shaft, VitalGuide Parent Mentor

Suzanne Shaft


Mom of 3, Parent Mentor and Child Advocate, Experience with Autism & Disability Needs

Catie Madison

Catie Madison

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

RD, BS Exercise Science, BS Dietetics MS in Health Communication Studies

Lei Barga

Lei Barga

Registered Dietician

RD, BS Exercise Science, BS Dietetics MS in Health Communication Studies

Jenna Righter - Nutrition Specialist

Jenna Righter

Registered Dietician

RD, LD, CLC, CLT - BS in Human Nutrition, Certification in Dietetics, Certified LEAP Therapist

Lara Rifai, Clinical Psychologist

Lara Rifai

Clinical Psychology PhD Candidate

PhD Candidate, Interests in Pediatric Neuropsychology, Parent Management Training

Jennifer Rainey - VitalGuide Parent Mentor

Jennifer Rainey


Mom of 2 boys, LISW, Parenting and Child Advocate, Spelling to Communicate, Autism

Brianne House Behavior Specialist

Brianne House

Pediatric Behavior Specialist

Mom of 4 boys, BS Early Childhood Education, MS Early Childhood Services.

Jessica Glenbocki - Licensed Occupational Therapist

Jessica Glenbocki

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

PhD Candidate, Fine Motor, Visual Motor, Self-Help and Sensory Processing Skills

Arron Preston Speech and Language Pathologist

Arron Preston

Speech and Language Pathologist

Early Intervention, Speech Therapy. MS Communication Sciences and Disorders

Rehan Mairajuddin Behavior Therapist

Rehan Mairajuddin

Behavior Therapist

MBBS, MS (Applied Behavior Analysis), BCBA, LBA.

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