Ways to deliver virtual expertise and care through Vitalxchange

Choose your adventure: Awesome models to set up shop on Vitalxchange

Vitalxchange offers expert organizations like you the perfect platform to deliver expertise and virtual care on your terms.   We have especially designed the application to make your expertise accessible to patients and families looking for your help and guidance wherever they happen to be in their journeys. 

In this article, we explore how a Group or Chat concept can be used to create custom products and services tailored to your business needs.  You can choose one or combinations of these models based on your needs.   

The Vitalxchange platform uses both the community (group) as well as one on one (chat) features to build trust between patients, peer experts, providers and communities

Community around your expertise or passion

Here, you create a group moderated by you, focused on your areas of expertise.  The main value of a community model is to create positive engagement and loyalty around your brand or a topic of interest / passion.   You can share articles, infographics, links, videos etc. to promote engagement, stir discussion and encourage members to stay, as well as invite others.   

Autism ‘tude is an incredibly resourceful mother, passionate about helping parents like her caring for children with autism and apraxia. She has created a community around her passion of sharing her experiences on the topic and learning from others.

Stretch and Catch has created a community to create awareness and engagement around their unique approach to reading. She shares videos and other material for parents to practice with their kids at home.

Take DadBod Nation Community for example. It is a men’s health group for busy dads to share practical tips, tricks, hacks to stay mentally and physically fit. It’s a fun informal group to support any man, any place in his health journey. DadBod’s moderator BigDaddy shares lots of engaging information pertaining to health and lifestyle that are entertaining and useful!

Community for patient connection and communication

Virtual Communities are an under-utilized concept in healthcare.  Most healthcare businesses use only email to contact their customers resulting in a very ineffective way to be in touch (<10% open rates).  Although facebook groups are created, most of them are not that active and due to privacy concerns quite unsuitable.   The Vitalxchange platform allows healthcare business to create private groups where they can manage and sponsor memberships or collect membership fees.

One great example is the community created by Koinonia homes, a leading provider of housing and employment services for people with disabilities.  Koinonia has created the Koinonia Community Group to serve two purposes, firstly to connect with their customers and families to share announcements, helpful tips, advice and news.  Secondly, the caregiving families themselves can network, support and share with each other. 

Community for regular events/ meetup sessions

For example, Mental Nourish offers a morning mindfulness practice through her group “Mental Nourish”.  Every day she shares the details of her practice including the theme and time of the event. Members of the community convene at the time of the event to practice together.  They can focus their conversations around this practice.  It creates an intimate connection between the participants as well as a strong affinity with Mental Nourish.

Communities like these can be accessed for an entry fee or a recurring subscription that you get to configure. The forum style interaction allows for members to discuss the practice, provide feedback and suggestions for new programming.

ProTips for setting up thriving Communities

👉🏻 We recommend that each storefront on Vitalxchange create at least one community for its customer base. Communities are the easiest to create, quite informal and least time-consuming to maintain (compared to dedicated blogs and websites) and when nurtured properly can have tremendous impact on customer engagement, loyalty and cross-selling.

🧡 As new communities get off the starting block, they require TLC and nurture via constant engagement and recruitment from you to build membership and trust. Once they take, your members contribute content, spread the word and you will get all your love back and more!

😀 Every new expert account gets a unique referral code that they can use to invite and automatically enroll existing and new customers!

🗓 Create a community to offer recurring sessions and meetups. You can create a group for you to share details of various events like meetups, live teaching or “ask me” sessions.

🔐 Create invite only communities that only members you want to allow into a community. Approve and reject subscription requests as you see fit

💰 Create a one time fee or recurring fee (subscription model) for communities that provide premium content and recurring sessions

Ask an expert intro chat (1:1, Free and out of the box!)

A unique feature of the Vitalxchange platform is the ability for an expert to have a 1:1 chat with a potential customer seeking their expertise.   Offering a free introductory conversation by addressing a customer’s immediate question is a great way to build trust and acquire customers.  Once you engage in the chat, you can introduce your storefront or share offers that matches their needs directly in the chat. 

You will be able to “Offer a free introductory chat” in two ways:

  1. Your storefront will be automatically matched to questions coming in from community members depending on your areas of expertise. 
  2. Members can reach you directly from your storefront using the FREE “Ask the Expert” offer available out of the box. 

Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapist/blogger duo, Inspired Treehouse use the Intro chats feature to answer questions, understand the customer’s need and point customers to other free/premium services that are tailored to the user’s needs.

Ask an Expert Intro Chat ProTips:

💬 Keep the chats casual and conversational. Patients are intimidated by medical speak and jargon. At this point in the engagement, empathy and expertise are equally important.

⚡ Always conclude the chat by giving them a simple action that will help them:
– A link to a resource you know
– Invite them to join your group
– Direct them to your other offers if appropriate

☑️ If your think your services are not compatible with this feature, you can opt out of being matched to incoming chats by unchecking the option on your storefront when you configure it.

Virtual Front Desk

The chats can be used as a triage with a potential customer who wants to sign up for your services.  A receptionist, care navigator or admin of your business can use this feature to ‘triage’ and direct the patient to intake / suitable services on Vitalxchange or your offices. 

For a small amount of time commitment from your staff, the chat triage helps a customer understand and sign up for the right services, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Front desk ProTips

😇 Patients are frustrated that they have to take the burden of finding a provider, interviewing them only to get an appointment weeks later.  This is a great feature where you help a patient in two ways –
a) In a short chat conversation, you can confirm if you are the right fit for them
b) You can point them to the next step in your appointment and intake process. 
Now that’s a happy customer gained and if it’s not the right fit, still they will still spread the good word about you!

📃 If your business needs disclaimers or liability waivers, be sure to share a link to the documents with the customer prior to the conversation. You can also paste it in the chat. (We will be automating this for you soon!)

1:1 Virtual Consults

Not every type of health consultation requires intake forms, privacy and billing paperwork.  The 1:1 virtual consults are great way to offer a virtual chat that helps the health expert to align with the needs of the customer to be able to tailor their solution.  The description of the virtual consult should describe the solution the customer will get and also have the same price.    Solutions could be anything you want it to be – links to premium content, a workshop, an evaluation. 

You get to configure the price, the purpose, the person supporting the chat service and their availability.  Here are a few ideas to stimulate your creativity:

Here are a few ways some of our partners are using it:

Reframe wellness Mini Nutrition Consultations offers their customers the ability to chat with them about any nutrition topic, all for the price of a cup of coffee!    

Reframe Wellness Weekly Dinner Menu Planning & Recipes will customize a weekly menu tailored to your family’s preferences and nutrition requirements.   You start a virtual chat with Reframe and tell them your needs and they will send you easy to follow recipes that fit your needs! You can choose from anti-inflammatory, vegan, gluten-free, gluten-free & dairy-free, or specify your family’s unique considerations!

A learning disability teaching service, Learning Solutions, who needs their customers to take an evaluation test prior to enrollment has a 1:1 consult offer: “Schedule your chart evaluation and analysis $75”

Virtual Box Office

Use the 1:1 chat feature to ticket and share webinars, courses and other events

You can use the 1:1 chat as a virtual box office!  A potential patron buys a ticket and you share the exclusive link to the event through the chat.   The chat interface gives you the ability to have a conversation and address any questions an interested customer may have about what to expect or how to access or share their questions on the topic ahead of time. 

In this example, Autistic Alto uses his storefront on Vitalxchange to sell tickets to his workshop series. 

💡After reading these ideas, hope you are inspired and leave with the impression that there are so many ways to add value to patients and make fair profit. 

At Vitalxchange, we are passionate about using technology to create multiple ways to connect and engage people with health expertise.   Keeping such expertise under lock and key behind an archaic healthcare system that puts billing and process above patient care has to change.   Thank you for taking that key step with us to transform healthcare! 🙏🏼

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