Helping people has never been so rewarding

You are passionate about helping children with developmental issues or special needs.

We are passionate about enabling you with everything you need to run, grow, and monetize your digital health business.

One stop shop for your health business

We have designed everything you need to create and run a thriving remote health business.

Instant cash with Virtual Coffees and more

Have virtual coffee chats to meet and engage prospective customers while still getting paid for your time. You answer the question, you get paid.

Integrated service delivery and payment

You can create offerings, collect payment and deliver services remotely all in one platform without signing up for multiple products for each piece.

Nurture your customer community

Engage your customers between appointments. Build loyalty by engaging your customers in virtual private groups. Create as many groups as you like.

Learn and Grow

Join our exclusive seller community to engage and learn with other expert sellers as well take advantage of our training materials to help grow your practice!

Find Your Customers

As our community grows, you will find us connecting you to more and more potential customers. We help customers find you so you can focus on what you do best – help people!

Help people all over the world

Be part of the movement to increase global healthcare access. As we launch globally your virtual offerings on Vitalxchange will reach millions all over the world!

Manage your business like a boss

young doctor talking to patient via virtual coffee chat on vitalxchange

What type of expertise are we looking for?

Clinical professionals for various aspects of child development

Occupational therapy, Speech and Language pathology, Behavioral Therapy, Psychology, Nutrition specialists, Special Education, Counseling, and more...

Experts in Practical aspects of parenting special

Advocacy, disability law, employment rights, disability benefits Medicaid and Social security and much more...

Specialists in various pediatric conditions

Learning disability, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other intellectual and developmental issues.

Wellness Coaches and professionals

Resources for the overall physical and mental health of our families including nutritionists, functional medicine, integrative medicine, and wellness coaches.

Core Values

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Our business model ensures our growth is aligned with your success.  

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We do not hide behind tricky algorithms or complicated contracts.  

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Sensitive topics can be discussed confidently and privately.

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Our algorithms ensure people looking for you can actually find you.  

Better Return on Investment

Vitalxchange frees you to focus more on delivering care rather than deal with complex digital marketing platforms.*
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Customer conversions
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Improved engagement
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Better ROI

*Expected performance as compared to common digital platforms.

What our partners are saying

kidslink neurobehavioral center logo
-Founders, KidsLink NeuroBehavioral Center, Ohio


Fill out the form on this page and one of our team members will reach out to you directly to screen you and help get your account set up.
We try to respond to requests within 24 hours of receiving them. We will reach out to you if we have questions or for further information about your business. Once you are approved, we will set up your account within the following 72 hours and you ready to roll!
There is a monthly listing fee of $9.99 per professional to cover the cost of doing business on Vitalxchange. The fee covers your app storefront, ability to create unlimited offerings and VXMAX portal access to manage your practice. That’s 3 cups of coffee served and you breakeven! We also charge a commission of 15% of the value of each transaction, so when you make money, we make money.
Vitalxchange is designed as a one stop shop for experts to deliver their expertise remotely. We provide tools, incentives as well as seller training to help you aggressively grow your business on Vitalxchange. Your success depends on your time commitment to respond to virtual coffee chat requests and how much of your services you are willing to offer remotely through Vitalxchange. Think about Vitalxchange as your virtual store that is open and flexible and works around your schedule!
We have integrated payment processing. At the end of every month, we will deposit your monthly earnings into your bank account.
We will automatically use our AI engine to match you to questions we think you can answer the best. Users also have the opportunity to find you on the platform and reach out directly to you. Depending on how you active you are on the platform, you can leverage your presence to greatly increase your question volume.
We expect that for optimal engagement and revenues, you will spend at least an hour a day answering questions through virtual coffees and posting to your group(s).

Want to know how this all works? We are happy to show you!