So many ways to help people in need

We are passionate about enabling you to deliver care your way

Have you ever wanted to...

Change healthcare

To help patients instead of dealing with paperwork

Find balance

To spend on other important things in your life

Touch more lives

By finding more virtual ways to deliver expertise

Start a side hustle

For extra income or a cash practice out of the box

You are in the right place

Let Vitalxchange make it easier for you to give your customers what they want


Connect with your customers by sharing your storefronts, services and offers and creating a community around your expertise.


Create an attractive virtual storefront that builds on your expertise and lets clients browse, book, pay, and interact with you.


Accept payments ahead of time with stored credit card details. Shift your point of sale as close as possible to your customers.  

What's included in every plan

We are with you every step of the way

1 on 1 setup and live customer support

Stay connected to your community, virtually

Unlimited members, services, and offerings

Be found in our expert marketplace

Listings on Vitalxchange app and webpage

Fully integrated payments

Prepay options: one time and recurring

Easy booking and scheduling

(coming soon)

Currently recruiting

Pediatric therapists

Occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, psychology, special education, social work, advocacy, legal, and more

Pediatric conditions

Learning disability, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other intellectual and developmental issues


Fill out the form on this page and one of our team members will reach out to you directly to screen you and help get your account set up.
We try to respond to requests within 24 hours of receiving them. We will reach out to you if we have questions or for further information about your business. Once you are approved, we will set up your account within the following 72 hours and you ready to roll!
There is a monthly listing fee of $9.99 per professional to cover the cost of doing business on Vitalxchange. The fee covers your app storefront, ability to create unlimited offerings and VXMAX portal access to manage your practice. That’s 3 cups of coffee served and you breakeven! We also charge a commission of 15% of the value of each transaction, so when you make money, we make money.
Vitalxchange is designed as a one stop shop for experts to deliver their expertise remotely. We provide tools, incentives as well as seller training to help you aggressively grow your business on Vitalxchange. Your success depends on your time commitment to respond to virtual coffee chat requests and how much of your services you are willing to offer remotely through Vitalxchange. Think about Vitalxchange as your virtual store that is open and flexible and works around your schedule!
We have integrated payment processing. At the end of every month, we will deposit your monthly earnings into your bank account.
We will automatically use our AI engine to match you to questions we think you can answer the best. Users also have the opportunity to find you on the platform and reach out directly to you. Depending on how you active you are on the platform, you can leverage your presence to greatly increase your question volume.
We expect that for optimal engagement and revenues, you will spend at least an hour a day answering questions through virtual coffees and posting to your group(s).

The Vitalxchange platform enables experts like you with the tools to provide any patient or family searching for health information with quality answers and get paid for it. Consider it as a new revenue stream or ‘side hustle’ for your health expertise above and beyond what you can deliver via 1:1 formal appointments.

This type of information exchange helps the patient learn more about you, build trust and could potentially lead to them signing up for a formal clinical appointment.

Special Limited Time Offer

Because we want you to give us a try today!

No subscription fee for 90 days – $9.99/mo flat fee after

We make money only when you make money – 15% transaction fee

Cancel any time!