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The Future of Medical Marijuana and Autism

In the past year, medical marijuana has been the trending topic in modern medical techniques to treat a large variety of conditions. For many users, the regular use of marijuana eases many symptoms of chronic medical issues. The most common conditions medical marijuana is prescribed for is multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. 

For many people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the idea of a new treatment can be very exciting. Currently, 14 states have ASD listed as a qualifying condition for a prescription. Ohio in the past year has been slow to adopt the new condition to the list, but changes could come soon as decisions get made. 

This summer is an exciting time for those with ASD as well as Anxiety and Cachexia. These conditions are under review right now to be considered as qualifying conditions. Although ASD and Anxiety were rejected in 2019, they were both petitioned again in early 2020. The period for petitioning is over in Ohio, but the decision to add these conditions will be done this summer. However, there has been no announcement on the state of these changes in light of COVID. 

Although this is a time of uncertainty on many levels, the hope for change within the community is strong. Many people are excited about the prospects of trying new methods to treat symptoms of Autism. To learn more and hear about updates on the upcoming changes, visit here. 

If you are considering using medical marijuana for any other conditions, the first and best step is to talk to your physician. Their guidance is crucial and they can provide a prescription if needed. 

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