sensory processing issues faq
Jennifer Rainey

Understanding Sensory Processing Issues FAQ

sensory processing issues faq
Jennifer Rainey

Understanding Sensory Processing Issues FAQ

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Here’s a hand sensory processing issues FAQ for parents.

Sensory processing issues are common in kids with autism and refer to trouble managing information that comes in through the senses. I will answer questions related to this important topic from my experiences as a parent!

Sensory Processing Issues FAQ

What type of professional helps with sensory processing disorder? 

An occupational therapist who has experience with sensory integration. An occupational therapist can evaluate your child”s sensory processing in more detail and help with exercises that can help reduce and/or manage some of his sensitivities. A psychologist can evaluate if there are other conditions like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

How to approach sensory processing activities and interventions?

The specific types of activities the child needs to help his overall sensory system will depend on how his sensory processing is currently functioning. 
For every sense, it is possible to be either over or under-responsive to stimuli. Or sometimes a combination of both.  So I don’t want to make any general recommendations because what is calming and helpful for one child can be dysregulating and uncomfortable for another. Also, it’s important to know that sensory issues do not usually have a quick fix, even with intervention.  So you’re on the right track by asking how to help reduce the sensitivities in the first place and how to deal with the resulting meltdowns because you really need to know both! 

We hope having this sensory processing issues FAQ handy will help you with your child.

About the Author

Jennifer Rainey is the mom of amazing teen with autism, apraxia and sensory processing disorder. She is a passionate advocate for her son and incredibly resourceful when it comes to advocating or finding creative solutions for her family! You can find her through her Storefront and Community called Autism’tude on Vitalxchange.

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