Benefit Packages for Employees with Children with Disabilities
Jessica Glenbocki

Benefit Packages for Employees with Children with Disabilities

Benefits packages need to address the challenges can be monumental for working parents of a child with disabilities. Many employers are providing their employees with assistance to support families’ needs. However, each employer determines what services they can and cannot offer. Larger companies often have the resources small businesses do not have for these services. Yet, the personal aspect of working for a smaller company may mean that the employee can discuss their needs directly with the owner to facilitate a positive outcome.

Employers today understand that to acquire and retain quality employees, they need to differentiate themselves from other companies by adding programs such as Vitalxchange to their benefits packages. Employers should recognize the increased stress and financial hardship of their employees who care for a child with a disability.  They should provide helpful resources can significantly impact the lives of those who work for them.

So, how can employers help their employees whose children have special needs?


Including EAPs in Benefits Package

Companies that provide EAPs in their benefits packages make it possible for the employee to do their job.  Employee can utilize professionals in the field find necessary solutions. Instead of the employee spending hours on the phone and internet, the program handles their tasks. For example, providing access to digital platforms like Vitalxchange or referrals for childcare, help with homework, tutoring, emotional support, special needs resources, and more.

Flexible Schedules

Many companies today support families by offering employees a chance to set their own hours. Flexible working hours are highly beneficial for a parent who must deal with doctor visits and therapeutic appointments.

Increase in PTO as a Part of Benefit Package

Some companies increase funds for family, medical, maternal, and paternal leave, while others address the situation on a case-by-case basis. Another option to support families is allowing employees to “donate” a day of their paid time off to help a co-worker.

Flexible Spending Accounts

FSAs allow employees to place pretax dollars in accounts that help cover childcare and healthcare expenses. Using these accounts for family support services such as those provided by Vitalxchange can be beneficial for a parent caring for a child with a disability.

On-Site/Subsidized Care as a part of Benefit Package

Some companies include in their employee benefits packages in-house aid (wellness centers to daycare facilities); some even offer on-site care for children with special needs. This allows parents to work with the knowledge that their children are well cared for and nearby.  Many companies today offer family support subsidies for childcare, whether on-site or off-site, at childcare centers.

The more resources an employer can provide to parents of children with disabilities, the more productive that employee can be.

Jessica Glenbocki is a VitalGuide on Vitalxchange, A digital platform that empowers and enables parents to make informed decisions & engage actively in their child’s care by providing them personalized parenting ‘prescriptions’ that match their needs.  Check out Vitalxchange’s employer page for more information on how you can provide family support for your employees who have children with disabilities.

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