What is Vitalxchange?

Vitalxchange is a health community app where people are able to connect and talk directly with health experts. Using special matching technology, we make it easy for you to find and connect with the right experts.

Our Mission is to ensure that everyone has access to the information they need to make good health choices without feeling isolated or overwhelmed.

We are currently supporting families caring for children with special needs or developmental challenges.

Kijia with Ali Hively

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Kijia means path in Swahili and our mission is to move you forward on your path to feeling amazing in your mind and body through creating habits that fit YOU and your busy life so you can have more energy, feel more successful, and have more joy.

We know it is hard to make yourself a priority when you have so much on your plate but we are dedicated to helping you see that when you take care of yourself, you are able to better care for everyone else.

You deserve support in building lifestyle habits (think nutrition, sleep, emotional processing, movement, your environment) that really feel good and save you time and energy.

Dad Bod Nation

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I’m a dad of two, husband of one, a friend of a few with seemingly a million things to do every day. I’ve been obese, diabetic, hypertensive, and have high cholesterol. It could mean a recipe for lifelong health issues. But through the support of my friends and family have managed to get healthy. It’s a daily battle to stay fit and we can use all the tips, tricks, hacks, you name it to try and stay mentally and physically fit. This group aims to support those trying to stay healthy but don’t have the time or money for anything fancy.

Reframe Wellness

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The Reframe Lifestyle is for everyone who has tried to diligently apply other people’s nutrition rules, but hasn’t achieved the results that were promised. We’ll show you why other people’s rules haven’t solved your health challenges. What we think we know is not making us healthier. We need to reframe our understanding of nutrition.

Our purpose is to empower each individual to make the right nutrition choices to positively influence their health, from the inside out. Your body is smart. Learn at your own pace with short videos and interactive practice in body biology and making personal connections, we show you how to create your own rules. This framework allows you to adapt your lifestyle choices as needed to support your own continued health, and that of those you care for.

Feel free to post any questions you have about nutrition and health. Let’s problem solve together!

Areas of Expertise Include: Nutrition, Cardiovascular Issues, Digestive Issues, Metabolic Issues, Weight Loss, Autoimmune Conditions, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and all other Chronic Conditions.

Live to Learn

Expertise Area(s):

Live2Learn is a space where we work together to go back to the basics and learn to rely on our mind and body, our senses of intuition and human connection and ability to learn and adapt. As humans living in modern societies, we have complicated lives and complex illnesses of the mind and body.

We seem to have lost ourselves, and given control to society and the healthcare system to tell us how to live. We have it within us. By being in touch with our inner selves and working together, we learn to thrive.

I am a biomedical scientist by background and health is my passion. I like bringing together elements of nutrition, human biology, physiology and spirituality together into simple day to day routines for better health, calm and focus.

Upshot Health Lakewood

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You will never be alone. You will have a whole community of like-minded people, not only rooting for you but also right there with you taking the same journey. We’re ready to give you a friendly nudge as we work together on common health goals!

No question is too small or too silly to get answers from matched community members or health experts. Ask, learn, take charge!

Your trusted UpShot Health coaches will be right there beside you sharing interesting and useful content, important tips and answers to your questions.

Mental Nourish

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As an Integrative Health Coach, I help people make transformational behavior changes that maximize their health and well-being. Using a whole-person approach, I take into account every aspect of your life that impacts your health. While you are the expert in your own life, we’ll work together to explore what optimal health means to you, and formulate sustainable goals to see that vision through. We’ll begin with a self-assessment which will lead to new insights and translate into impactful actions. Together, we’ll form a partnership to navigate your unique needs, ultimately leading to sustainable behavior change.