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Getting good sleep in COVID times

Not surprising at all that sleep is a hot topic these days…. 

Blame the exhausting days of childcare, chores and new routines combined with the building anxiety due to continuing uncertain times.  

Fortunately, our members had a lot of practical tips to share like:

> De-stress before bed with a light movie or an episode of a favorite show

> Reduce caffeine intake as much as possible and avoid after midday

> An Epsom salt bath or foot soak – the salts absorb through the skin creating relaxation

> Rub essential oil on temples or use a vaporizer for a bit of calming aromatherapy

> Try meditation with Apps like Simple Habit, Calm, Headspace (free to try!)

> Listen to some calming music at bedtime

> Take a walk – A bit of exercise to get the heart pumping and blood flowing really helps

> Chamomile tea before bed calms and relaxes the mind and body

> A consistent bedtime routine may tell your body it’s time to for a little shuteye

> Talk to your doctor, but make it abundantly clear you need to be alert for your kids at night

And finally, help solve someone’s problems.  An act of kindness makes you smile from your soul and may give you great sleep!

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