no bake energy bites
Heidi Hughes

My Favorite No-Bake Energy Bite Recipes

no bake energy bites
Heidi Hughes

My Favorite No-Bake Energy Bite Recipes

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No-bake energy bites are perfect for taking with you on trips during the summer.  With warm weather sweeping most of the northern hemisphere, many of us are ready for lots of outdoor fun. With Kids, this means getting super hungry but not wanting to stop playing to eat.

At our house, it’s time to start making energy bites to keep in the fridge or a lunch bag. They are perfect for a hike, on the beach, or playground. Not having to turn on the oven in the heat is just a bonus to these tasty treats, in addition to swapping out almost all ingredients to suit the flavor/texture and allergy needs of your family.
Having the kids help hand roll them and mix the ingredients with their hands can help with sensory integration. Furthermore, I always find that kids are more willing to try new things if they make it themselves or have a say in what gets added.

The list is in order of our family’s favorites. Please let me know which one is your favorite or if you have a different one, your family is fond of in the comments.

Oatmeal Energy Balls by Kiwico.

This recipe is designed to be made with kids and does not make too many due to a potential lack of cooking stamina/ focus for a large batch. We have doubled this recipe with excellent results. We have also used many different types of nut butter and nut-free butter, and other types of dried fruit.

Apricot Balls with Dates, Cashews, & Coconut by E.A. Stewart

This recipe is inspired by a product made by Trader Joe’s. It was something my little Fox loved, and for food to get that kind of attention from my sensory-sensitive eater was huge. Due to shortages/production issues, they were not always available. After searching for how to make our own, we found this recipe. You can swap out the cashews for other nuts, oats, or sunflower seeds for a nut-free version.

No-Bake Energy Bites by Mommy Evolution

Jennifer of the Mommy Evolution blog is a fellow mom and a parent of a child with sensory issues.   She devised this recipe to get extra nutrition into her very active boys. This recipe is loaded with nutrition.  It brings an added boost if served with the recommended glass of milk/ milk alternative. I have passed this recipe on to friends who have tried making it with soy milk with good results.

No-bake pumpkin cookies by Kiwico.

This recipe from the folks a Kiwico is a favorite of ours in late summer and early fall since things are still pretty hot in our part of the country at that time. We have made these with white chocolate chips as a variation. You can serve these without the frosting and keep them better for several days without it.

I know this last one isn’t technically an energy bite, but it’s a great one for summer.  It’s so much better than your standard gummy!

Raspberry Lemonade Electrolyte Gummies by Thyme & JOY

If your kid(s) are prone to dehydration, these are beautiful things to keep on hand. Since you can control what goes in, you can ensure there isn’t a ton of sugar or commercial food dye (the bane of our house). Also, you can make these into super fun shapes with all the different silicon molds on the market.  We have used a Lego ice tray, gummy worm mold, and squares. You can also purchase electrolyte powder in several different flavors that you can swap out for the raspberry in the recipe. Our Favorite part about these is that they can be ready in just over one hour from start to finish.

About the Author

Heidi Hughes is a VitalGuide on Vitalxchange.  Her experience as a mom with a child with autism as well as a chef, give her unique abilities to come up with sensory-friendly recipes.  Check out her personal page on Vitalxchange and talk to her about sensory-friendly recipes, sensory issue solutions, and her journey to getting a diagnosis for her child.

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About the Author

Heidi Hughes is a mom, nutritionist, and restauranteur living in Baltimore, Maryland. One of her two sons, whom she calls ‘the little fox’ is on the autism spectrum. Heidi is an expert on homeschooling and sensory issues, especially creating nutritious recipes without sensory triggers. She is passionate about helping other parents with neurodiverse children navigate parenting challenges!

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