nonverbal communication
Jennifer Rainey

Nonverbal Communication with Music and Lyrics

nonverbal communication
Jennifer Rainey

Nonverbal Communication with Music and Lyrics

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Neurolyrical Cafe is an AWESOME event to explore nonverbal communication in children and individuals organized by I-ASC – The International Association for Spelling as Communication.  The program features the poetry and music of nonspeaking individuals. It takes place on Zoom on the last Friday of every month and is always an uplifting way to spend an evening! You can register for the event from the main website.

To give you a preview of the experience, here are the lyrics to the song my son shared at last month’s event, along with the introduction that he wrote to be shared before the song was played.

“People think imperfection is a bad thing, but I think it takes an imperfect person to see the beauty in the world. Trying to be perfect is a waste of time, so just be you and let others be themselves too. Each of our imperfections is the perfect fit to someone else’s. It’s like a puzzle. Your imperfect pieces fit with mine to make something beautiful.” – C.R. Age 15

Song Title: Perfect Imperfection

Verse 1:
Like a star that falls from the sky
You might sometimes change direction
This world is full of perfect imperfection

Nobody is perfect
At least that’s what people say
But I think we’re all perfect
In our own special way

Verse 2:
Like a rainbow after the storm
Sometimes you just need a new perspective
We can be transformed by perfect imperfection


Verse 3:
Like a man without a voice
Somehow I made a connection
Now I know I’m blessed with my perfect imperfection


Yeah, I think we’re all perfect in our own special way

A wonderful way for nonverbal communication and creativity

Furthermore, programs like Neurolyrical Cafe are wonderful ways for nonverbal communication.  These programs allow children and my son to express themselves creatively.  Here is the link to a website with plenty of videos of talented artists from the program and the blogs of the artists.



About the Author

Jennifer Rainey is the mom of amazing teen with autism, apraxia and sensory processing disorder. She is a passionate advocate for her son and incredibly resourceful when it comes to advocating or finding creative solutions for her family! You can find her through her Storefront and Community called Autism’tude on Vitalxchange.

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