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picky eaters
Autism and Sensory Issues

What is picky eating and what to do about it?

Neuroatypical or typical, picky eating is very common among little growing children. In the early formative years, underlying developmental issues could cause your child to reject certain

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Prevent the Summer Slide

Prevent the summer slide

For parents unfamiliar with the term ‘summer slide,’ nope, it’s not fun playground equipment. It means the setback in the summer when our children with

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Autism and Sensory Issues

Everything you need to know about meltdowns

The diverse team of neurologists, behavior therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists at KidsLink Neurobehavioral Center provide simple explanations on everything related to behavior issues (also referred to as autistic meltdowns or tantrums) in children with autism.

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Grow Your Therapy Practice
Resources for Experts

Grow your therapy practice

Needing help to grow your therapy practice can be daunting at first.  Are you looking for new ideas on how to promote and grow your

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